Pancake durian legit bekasi

Pancake Durian Legit adalah produsen pancake durian Medan di Bekasi, hanya menggunakan Durian Medan ASLI dari Medan, diproses secara higienis, rasanya enak dan harga paling murah. Update promo, harga, pengiriman, dan lain-lain dilakukan melalui Website ini.


Manufacturer of Durian Pancake in Bekasi

Pancake durian Legit is a supplier and manufacturer of durian pancakes Medan produced in Bekasi.

Durian Legit Pancake is a homemade durian pancake with good taste. The characteristics of our durian pancakes have very thin and soft skin, durian flesh using durian meat Medan is sweet, original and fresh (not cooked), and thick cream. As a producer and supplier of durian pancakes in Medan, we opened a business opportunity by becoming Reseller and Dropshipper pancake durian field. Price Durian Pancake below is not ongkir, and can change depending on the price of durian meat in the fruit market Medan. All of our durian pancakes are made with raw materials of durian meat of Medan. Current prices are: 50ribu per box for Pancake Durian content of 10 and 18, and 65ribu per box for Pancake Durian contents 21. Pancake Purchase Durian Medan: We are sorry if there is a pin erased, because the Blackberry Pancake Durian barusaja reset. Please for those who want to add back, or add new can be to: PIN Number 29EBEF73 In addition through the Blackberry, contact Whatsapp / Call / SMS we also exist. Info promo pancake durian which has not been updated on this site can be obtained from Twitter, Blackberry status, and Whatsapp status. Customer demand for durian pancakes that do not use any coloring materials. Durian pancake outlets in cirebon durian pancake recipe So we made the original durian pancake variant, which does not use any coloring at all. Healthy durian pancakes available in Regular type, as well as Full type on request. Delivery of Durian Pancakes to Papua region is very possible. We have tried it, and always succeed 100% pancake durian we survived to the destination. The length of the journey taken since the durian pancake dipacking to get to the Airport in Jayapura, Merauke, and Timika approximately 18-20 hours. Durian pancakes in Pekanbaru Packing durian pancakes using icebox and icegel plus to keep cold tribe resistance until durian pancakes arrive in Jayapura, Merauke, and Timika. Dropship pancake durian legit. Pancake dropship area Durian Java island: Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Purwakarta, Depok, Cikampek, Cibitung, Semarang, Purwokerto, Cilacap, Ciamis, Purbalingga, Tasikmalaya. Customer demand for durian pancakes that do not use any coloring materials. So we made the original durian pancake variant, which does not use any coloring at all. Starting Lebaran is available a new variant of Pancake Durian Extra Duren. Durian Extra Pancakes contain super durian with a larger portion, and no cream at all. One box contains 6 pieces of pancake, with a portion of super durian more. Booking please at least 2 days before delivery / retrieval. Durian flavors on Extra Duren durian pancakes are much more maknyusss than other variants. The contents are not combined with cream, so the taste is more original durian. Delivery Pancake Durian: Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Cikampek, Karawang, Purwakarta Here are some testimonials from some Pancake Durian Legit customers who express satisfaction with Durian Pancake Durian Pancake regular Durian 18 always ready stock every day, Regular durian pancakes 10. But in addition to durian pancakes Medan bestseller produced according to order pancake durianPancake packed with packing styrofoam that can store cold temperatures. Durian pancakes are delivered to your home. We do not use shipping via Train to Java area, because from experience of delivery of durian pancake in that way too risky, and often late delivery process. So for the area of ​​West Java and Central Java, the best alternative from our experience is the delivery via car Travel by DOOR TO DOOR.